Cupcake Stop & Farmer's Market

About a month ago, Justin and I decided to go into the city to see 300 Days of Summer because it wasn't playing out here yet. We went in the afternoon and decided we would walk to Grand Central Station for an early dinner because the dining concourse downstairs has great food.

I've been teaching classes at Williams-Sonoma again and the next morning I was teaching a class on summer produce. As we were leaving the movie theater and walking to dinner, we saw a farmer's market. I decided to pick up some stuff for the class. I got some great Pennsylvania corn (Justin scolded me because it wasn't LI corn and it wasn't late August haha), onions with the shoots still on them, fresh tomatoes and zucchini. The class went really well and the food was so good because it was so fresh. It was a pain walking around Manhattan with bags and bags of produce but so worth it.

As we were walking, I looked up and noticed a cupcake truck and said we should go there after dinner. Justin said we're going now I took you this way to come here. I was so excited! They tweet where they will be each day but they have a few locations that they are usually at. Check them out at: and

I couldn't decide on a flavor because they all looked so good so we decided to get a dozen minis. They were the perfect size to pop in your mouth in one bite and they were so moist. I probably ate two right there and still had some to take home. My favorite was the peanut butter and Justin's was the oreo. All of the frostings were so good and not too sweet. If you're in the area, you should definitely check them out.


Kim.Gos said...

I have heard about these kinds of trucks but yet to see one.
Ps... got to love FRESH veggies!


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