I'm back!

After six months, I'm finally back and ready to blog. Work was crazy with the beginning of the school year and I recently transferred to Brooklyn. Justin and I also just bought a home! We decided that a house was too much money and responsibility right now so we decided to go the condo/co-op route. We went into contract the first week of October and finally closed the end of January. It was such a stressful process and I'm so relieved that it's over. It's finally starting to feel like home.

I'm finally getting to use all of my bridal shower gifts that were in storage for a year and a half. Setting up my kitchen was so much fun! I also had stuff stashed away that I bought at Williams-Sonoma when it went on sale. I'm really lucky to have almost everything I need in my kitchen. Now my pantry is set up too and I always have food in the house.

I will be posting some recipes that I've been working on and some uses for all those gadgets in your kitchen. Suggestions are also always welcome.



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